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How Do You Know if Your Marketing is Working?

The Answer is really simple...

The obvious answer is your return is more than your investment. Your ROI should certainly exceed what you invest, that's just the beginning.

Marketing & Advertising are 2 different animals. I see marketing as a long term strategy. Building a strong foundation for your business so if & when you do advertise, your business can support the advertising campaign.

For small businesses if the foundation is built correctly and consistently maintained there may not be a need for advertising. 

Every business is unique in their needs & goals. There is not a 1 size fits all. The one common denominator in every business is needing a strong  foundation and the need to maintain it.

In the digital space information can get changed & lost.  With about 80 online directories your business may be listed on it is easy for information to not be correct, especially if it's not maintained. 

Everyone talks about Google, but there are many more directories & they all matter! 

In fact, Google cross references all the directories for correct information before they decide to recommend your business in their search results. 

Local SEO is very different from Traditional Organic SEO (Website). Local search results rely on many factors including Local SEO . 

When you are on a very tight budget you  need to track every penny of your investment. It is imperative to know  how a new customer found you. If you can't track the results from day one I encourage you to think twice about investing the money. 

I also encourage you to be leery of companies that  require contracts. In many cases this can be a red flag.

If you pay a company or an individual to market or advertise your business and their efforts produce trackable results why is a contract necessary?

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