When was the last time you had someone look at your business the way a consumer sees your business? What is the 1st impression a consumer sees when they google your business? 

When a consumer searches for your product or service, are YOU an option in the search results? 

Is your competition?

Is your information correct? 

Understanding how a consumer sees your business can change the way you see your business.

Consultations are always complimentary. 

Maximize Your "My Google Business Page"

Google my business

Every Business has a Google My Business page. This is a little jewel Google gives every business to make a Good 1st Impression. What I find in 85% of the research I do to prepare for consultations is most business owners aren't utilizing this free tool. 

Almost half of the pages haven't been claimed, this means someone else can claim & make changes to your Google information....Yikes!!!!

 This is where your reviews are! This is the 1st impression a consumer sees when they Google your business name. 

If you are clueless about this topic don't feel bad. Most Marketing agencies & web designers I partner with are still learning too. 

Organic SEO (website) & Local Search or Local SEO are very different. Google searches are primarily Local Search driven. Your "Google My Business Page" not only houses customer reviews it also impacts your presence on Google.

We  partner with Marketing agencies & Web Designers to improve Google Search Results.

Every consultation includes information you can use to maximize your Google My Business!  


Find my business on google

After researching your business, meeting with you & learning about your direction & goals we will come up with a strategy & a plan specifically for you. 

You may need to strengthen the foundation of your digital footprint. We focus on Local SEO and Local search results.

If/when your "Digital House" is in order an ad campaign may or may not be recommended.

 Depending on your industry, strategy and goals, a recommendation is always supported with contract free relationships & a team of experts with industry specific experience. 

Our RevLocal team is one quick call or email away. 

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